Hope Foundation Walk-a-thon
First Sbdown Last Team Name
Wilma F. Toons
Valentina L.   --
Tweedle D. Fundraisers
Tra M.  
Tom S. ACA
The Mad H.  
Test T. Myteam
Test t.  
T M.  
Suz U.  
Suz U.  
Suz U. Harley David
Shelly-Ann M.  
Shannon M.  
scott a. snap
Sandra D.  
Saint N. Dojiggy Test
Ruth M. Walkers
Rodrigo M.  
Rodrigo M.  
rod m.  
Robert A.  
Robert P.  
richard w.  
ravi m.  
Participant O.  
Olivia A. Team Go Getum
MMS T.  
Michelle B. Walkers
Michael S.  
Michael J. Dojiggy Test
Mary T.  
Mary F. Myteam
Margaret N. Team ARNET
Marco G.  
lovely y.  
Lisa T.  
Lisa L.  
Lisa B.  
Lisa B. Dojiggy Test
Lisa J.  
Lawrence M.  
Kathleen M.  
Kathleen S.  
Julie R.  
Judy J. Toons
Jude L.  
Josh S.  
John D. Team Go Getum
John S. Dojiggy Test
John D. Random Dudes
Joel T. Dojiggy Test
Joel T.  
Joe B. Joe's Team
Joe S.  
Jennifer M.  
Jen M.  
Jeff M.  
James B.  
Jaime V.  
Jackie S.  
Jack D. Wine-O's
Indi A.  
Indi A.  
Huey L. Random Dudes
Hon D. Harley David
Helter S. Random Dudes
Harley D. Harley David
George W.  
George J. Toons
General Donation  
General D.  
Free B.  
Fred F. Toons
First L.  
Eryn O.  
Erika J.  
Eric M.  
Emily H.  
Drew B.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T. Go Team Go
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DiaEmpife D. Wine-O's
Denis A.  
Deborah M.  
Dave B. Fundraisers
Danny Z. Random Dudes
Daniela M. The Peanuts
Cliff J. Team1
Clarita G.  
Christy H. The Smith Family
Chris P.  
Charlie B.  
Charlie B. The Peanuts
"I expect to pass through life but once. If, therefore, there can be any kindness I can show, or any good things I can do to any fellow human being, let me do it now, and not defer it or neglect it, a"
— William Penn
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