Hope Foundation Walk-a-thon
First Sbup Last Team Name
Adrian H.  
Alice i.  
Andrea K.  
Ann S.  
Apple F.  
babu s. Dojiggy Test
Barney R. Toons
Betty R. Dojiggy Test
Betty R. Toons
Biker B.  
Black W. The Weavers
Bruce W. Random Dudes
Buster B.  
Buster B.  
C A. Us
calvin m. Team1
Captain T. Group Test No 1
Casey K.  
Cecilia M.  
Charles J.  
Charles B.  
Charlie B. The Peanuts
Charlie B.  
Chris P.  
Christy H. The Smith Family
Clarita G.  
Cliffsit C. Team1
Daniela M. The Peanuts
Danny Z. Random Dudes
Dave B. Fundraisers
Deborah M.  
Denis A.  
DiaEmpife D. Wine-O's
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T.  
DoJiggy T. Go Team Go
Drew B.  
Emily H.  
Eric M.  
Erika J.  
Eryn O.  
First L.  
Fred F. Toons
Free B.  
General Donation  
General D.  
George J. Toons
George W.  
Harley D. Harley David
Helter S. Random Dudes
Hon D. Harley David
Huey L. Random Dudes
Indi A.  
Indi A.  
Jack D. Wine-O's
Jackie S.  
Jaime V.  
James B.  
Jeff M.  
Jen M.  
Jennifer M.  
Joe S.  
Joe B. Joe's Team
Joel T.  
Joel T. Dojiggy Test
John S. Dojiggy Test
John D. Random Dudes
John D. Team Go Getum
Josh S.  
Jude L.  
Judy J. Toons
Julie R.  
Kathleen S.  
Kathleen M.  
Lawrence M.  
Lisa L.  
Lisa J.  
Lisa T.  
Lisa B.  
Lisa B. Dojiggy Test
lovely y.  
Marco G.  
Margaret N. Team ARNET
Mary T.  
Mary F. Myteam
Michael J. Dojiggy Test
Michael S.  
Michelle B. Walkers
MMS T.  
Olivia A. Team Go Getum
Participant O.  
ravi m.  
richard w.  
Robert A.  
Robert P.  
"There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher."
— Henry Van Dyke
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